At Jezzy Scrubs, we are on a mission to provide high-quality, comfortable scrubs to medical professionals in these difficult times. We also recognize that people often work their best not only when they feel comfortable but look great, too! We offer patterns galore to cover all the bases. At the Jezzy Scrubs Store, you’ll find a range of prints to jazz up your workday and make an uplifting impression on your patients. From floral scrub tops to character scrub tops, we have a large variety of stylish medical scrubs that are the right medicine for troubling times!

Floral Scrub Tops

If you are looking for stylish medical scrubs, floral scrub tops are a classic selection that fits into almost any medical working environment. Set aside a day (or two) that makes working feel more like a vacation in our Tropical Floral Scrub Tops. This option has a vibrant color pattern with a vintage Hawaiian-style vibe. Among its high-quality attributes include a V-neck all-over floral print with 2 large patch pockets and a contrasting back neckband. 

Or our Soho Floral Scrub Tops will surely allow you and your excellent medical care to stand out in the eyes of patients. These stylish medical scrubs are available in a range of sizes from extra small to 3X! We also offer prompt delivery and return service on all of our stylish medical scrubs as well as installment payments for orders over fifty dollars.

Character Scrub Tops

Why not add a little character to your bedside manner with our cute and playful selection of Character Scrub Tops

These Koala Character Scrub Tops are currently available in sizes ranging from small to large, and will especially add a playful and calming visual pop in any pediatric setting. All of our stylish medical scrubs are made using the best materials for durability and ease of movement while you work. They feel good on your skin and resist fading, as well!

Our Cactus Character Scrub Tops adds a touch of humor that isn’t as dry as the climate those plants grow in. Especially if you work in phlebotomy or have to poke your patients from time to time, your coworkers and patients will get a kick out of these stylish medical scrubs. 

Summertime is around the corner and that provides an excellent opportunity for seasonal coordination with these stylish medical scrubs: Watermelon Sugar. These character scrub tops are available from small to 2x.

Shop Stylish Medical Scrubs At Jezzy Scrubs 

Jezzy Scrubs + Apparel has many more floral scrub tops as well as character scrub tops to choose from. You’ll find only high-quality workwear for medical professionals, plus apparel to make your day at work much brighter. View all of our stylish medical scrubs at our online store!